Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess u never thought id update this bad boy hey? well I thought about it and I figured what the heck. even if no one reads this I dont care. I just thought I would write down some useless info that maybe wouldnt be that useless. haha considering I really do enjoy writing things down, here goes nothing: Heres some wacky facts that u may already know. lol
15 things
15 fave movies:
1. Princess Bride (DUH)
2. Willow
3. The Lord of the Rings (all 3)
4. Twilight (all 5)
5. 10 Things I hate about u
6. How to loose a Guy in 10 days
7. The Pirates of the carabiene (all 3)
8. Charlie and the chocolate factory ( director Tim Burton)
9. Edward Scissor hands
10. Alice and wonderland ( Director Tim Burton)
11. Benny and June
12. The wedding singer
13. The Longest Yard ( Adam Sandler)
14. 27 Dresses
15. Blue Crush

15 Fave Bands/Artists
1. Dc Talk
2. Newsboys
3. Cold Play
4. Backstreet Boys
5. Micheal Bubale
6. Keith Urban
7. Nickelback
8. David Crowder
9. Shine Down
10. Snow Patrol
11. U2
12. Kelly Clarkson
13. Tim Magraw
14. Toby Keith
15. Brad Paisley

15 fave tv shows
1. Bones
2. chuck
3. Big Bang Theroy
4. Numbers
5. One Tree Hill
6. Family Matters
7. Full house
8. Fresh Prince
9. C.S.I Las vegas
10 . Intervention
11. Gillmore Girls
12. Two and Half Men
13. T.L.C What Not To Wear
14. Hourders
15. Cake Boss

15 fave things to do
1. Hang out with My Husband
2. go for walks
3. spend time with family/friends
4. Shopping
5. Have Coffee with sister joni
6. read
7. sew (sometimes)
8. do crafty things with my Mother In Law
9. buying Purses
10. Traveling
11. making People smile
12. Getting My eyebrows done
13. sleeping in
14. chatting with my brother online
15. dreaming about one day having a baby.. :)

15 fave foods
2. Salad..(duh that goes with veggies)
3. Pasta. mmm
4. Greek
5. Indian
6. Macintosh Apples. mmmm
7. Steak
8. Fried tomatoes on toast
9. Banana Cream Pie
10. Joni 's cooking/baking.
11. chicken
12. Sushi
13. soup (many different kinds)
14. rice
15. Garlic Sausage.. haha

15 fave songs
1. If I had a Million dollars - Barenaked Ladys
2. F@#$ing Perfect - Pink
3. Speed of Sound - Cold Play
4. Mighty to save - Hillsong United
5. Backstreets Back - BSB
6. Im Gonna Miss her - Brad Paisley
7. Who says - John Mayer
8. Run To You - Newsboys
9. Love Is a Verb - DC Talk
10. American Ride - Toby Keith
11. Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback
12. Second Chance - Shine down
13. Cause we belong together - Kelly Clarkson
14. Thunderstruck - ACDC
15. I wanna put u in a song - Keith Urban

15 Places I have been:
1. PG
2. Prince Rupert
3. Vancouver
4. Victoria
5. Caronport SKS
6. Smithers
7. Grand Prarie
8. Winnipeg MB
9. Edmonton AB
10. Jasper
11. Kelowna
12. Calgary
13. Paris France
14. Houston
15. Toronto . ( haha the airport)

15 things I wanna do Before I get to old to do them:
1. Go to London
2. Heck travel across Eroupe
3. Get a Tattoo
4. travel across Canada
5. LOVE myself.. the way GOD and my husband and family do
6. Bungee jump
7. learn how to belly dance
8. learn how to hoolah dance
9. Get better at expressing myself without fear or doubt
10. let go of things I cannot change
11. Learn how to scrapbook
12. Have Kids
13. learn to drive.. ( aaahhh!!!)
14. learn to paint (better)
15. overcome fears.

There u have it.. I cant think anymore.. and my computer is dying. till next time ttfn


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Yes I do have more than one fave show. they are all very funny in some way. they keep u kinda wanting more. Chuck is one of those shows that leaves u hanging, but always keeps u coming back . love them all .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DAY 2 The person I have been closest to the longest

MY dear sis. she has been my best friend for a long time. She is and has been there for me, in so many ways I cant even tell u about it all. she listens to me tell her useless stories, eveyday babble, and when I need a shoulder to cry on she is right there. She is also not afraid to tell me like it is. and I love her soo much. I cant even imagine my life without her there to tell my latest new thing too, or just to talk. I also love that she has been there when I was crying out to God for a husband. and her heart broke with mine, when all I knew was heartbreak and sorrow. BUT God did and has always answerd mine and her Prayrs, because I have another Best friend. and I love him sooo much. I dont know where I would be without him in my life as well. we were married on june 26th , 2010. heres to the rest of my life. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

1. I got married this year. June 26th to be exact.
2. I love veggies. I sometimes crave them.. haahaa
3. this year ill be 31, and im going to yet another bsb concert, and first ever new kids on the block concert in july. (WOW)
4. I hate spiders
5. I still hate mushrooms
6. I love my GOD, and he loves me.. wow I still have trouble with the HE loves me part.
7. I have a love hate relationship with reading. I love to do it, but hate to start another book, unless its something i soo have to read.
8. I love waking up to my husband in the morning. it makes me smile. and thank GOD that he brought us together.
9. I love to dance.
10. would love to be able to travel more.
11. sometimes I giggle so much I start to snort, and sound like im hyperventalating. its really funny.. and embarrasing. lol
12. cant wait to have a little girl one day.
13. i sometimes will buy a necklace and ill never wear it. ill put it on and take it off. wierd.
14. ice cream makes me sneeze.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Well its defonitly been a long freaking time since I have posted ANYTHING. Hahahahaha. To be honest I didnt have anything to say for a while. I went through alot in the past 3 years. (WOW that long?? yikes!!) What can I say? I am the queen of procrastination, espessially when it comes to writing. Believe me, iam not a writer. I once thought of it, but its not my thing.

So, lest see whats new?? Hmmm? Well I got married!!! FINALLY. only been waiting for this like my whole life. I kinda gave up when I met Aaron. But God showed me that HE was in control and when I least excpected it, there Aaron was. I always heard the stories about ppl finding that specail someone, when they were not looking..blah blah blah. And it always frustrated me. Made me sooo mad. But like I said, God isin control. and HE knows exactly what HE is doing. He knew I was ready.. But AAron took a bit more time. Anyway thats the short version. LOL

So now I have a BIGGER family, and more love than I could count on my hands and feet. I am trully blessed. all I can say right now is that, GOD is soo awesome and I am trully nothing without him.

My cousin Laura is getting married!!! in like march!! soo stoked for her. shes soo happy. this will mark the 3rd wedding in one year. CRAZY hey? but soo happy for her. its been a whirl wind. GOD only knows what else is in store. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Its finnaly done I know its taken a while, but here they are.. Anyway enjoy.

Thursday, July 03, 2008